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  • 入圍名單公布



    Goldreed Industrial Design Award (“GIDA” for short), 

    based in Xiongan New Area of China, is an international design prize 

    driven by globalization, specialization and market orientation. 

    The prize is created to discover the future of design

    inspire the quality of future living 

    and empower the design of future cities by exploring the Chinese concept of “harmony” 

    and attracting the global innovation featuring artificial intelligence and sustainability.


    Design for the Future and a Better Life, 

    which Inspired by the Eastern Wisdom.


    To discover the good designs towards future which can lead a better lifestyle

    upgrade industries 

    and balance the city life with the nature.



    Entries Requirements

    • 1. The award is dedicated to Designers, design teams, design studios, companies, universities and institutes from all countries and creative fields.

    1. 2. If multiple parties are involved in the same product development (i.e. designer, company, etc.), make sure only one party registers and submits the entry only once.

    2. 3. The applicant must be the designer or have the rights on the entries she or he is presenting.

    3. 4. Participation is free of charge.

    TWO GROUPs are available for the entries.

    Product Group

    Entries must be products that have been on the marketand the product must be on the market for no more than two years (that is, products listed on or after January 15, 2018), which conform to national industrial policies and relevant technological standards.

    Concept Group

    Entries must be original design works that are not sold or produced in the marketwith significant innovations in functions, structure, form, technology, materials and low carbon.

    Eight Entry Categories

    • Manufacturing Equipment

      Includesmanufacturing equipment, construction equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment, mechanical tools, medical devices, office facilities, transportation equipment, protective equipment, etc.
    • Transportation Means

      Includes unmanned vehicles, smart buses, high-speed trains, automobiles, aircrafts, tools and facilities for riding instead of walking, service-oriented vehicles in urban areas, water vehicles, etc.
    • Home Life

      Includes home furniture, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom, home decoration, products for the aged, children products, mother and baby products, toys and musical instruments, etc.
    • Culture and Creativity

      Includes products with local culture, stationery, fashion clothing and accessories, packaging and tableware, etc.
    • Sports and Healthcare

      Includessports and fitness equipment, leisure products, outdoor products, physical testing devices, health monitoring devices, etc.
    • Public facilities

      Includes urban furniture, public lighting, guiding signs, shared facilities, information service facilities, sanitation facilities, safety facilities, transportation facilities, facilities for leisure and entertainment, etc.
    • Information Processing

      Includes communication equipment, broadcast and television equipment, audio and video equipment, wearable devices, computers, intelligent terminals, etc.
    • Communication Design

      Includes the logos, branding, showcase, packaging, animation, print advertising meGIDA,website, Apps, userinterface, publishing, etc.

    GIDA Awards

    The Goldreed Industrial Design Awards has a total award pool of 4,500,000 RMB, with over 40 cash awards to assign.

    1° award “BEST OF THE BEST”: 1,000,000 RMB


    Award Classification

    A. Prize

    The prize pool for the Goldreed Award totals 4.3 million RMB. The prize money for the Best of the Best (the best design of the year) will be 1 million RMB.

    B. Certificate and Trophy

    A trophy and certificate of GIDA will be presented definitely to the laureates, and their works will be included in the permanent collection managed by the Goldreed Industrial Design Award Committee.

    C. Ceremony and Exchanges

    Winners will be presented at GIDA Award Ceremony at the Third Hebei International Industrial Design Week in September, and other activities. Winners will be offered the exclusive opportunities to connect with potential clients, business partners and the media.

    D. Business Opportunities

    Award winning designers will be invited to participate in a series of business activities related to design realization.

    E. Exhibitions

    Both virtual and physical exhibitions of good designs are planned to be held.

    F. Media Support

    Goldreed Award, together with more than 100 mainstream media across the world, has established a media promotion network covering different sectors and channels.

    Jury and Evaluation

    In order to guarantee the fairness and authority of the award, GIDA Committee has been built a GIDA Expert Library included over 200 experts from five different fields including design, marketing, technology, investment and media.Experts in the Library will be invited from different countries around the world. 

    All the entries of GIDA are supposed to be evaluated by taking into account of the GIDA mission of leading a better lifestyle, upgrading manufacturing methods and balancing city life with the nature. Life, Manufacturing and Ecology constitute three dimensions of GIDA evaluation.

    Three stages including the Preliminary Evaluation, the Second Evaluation and the Final Evaluation constitute the process of GIDA evaluation.

    The Preliminary Evaluation (in July, 2021)

    1) Online evaluation through the evaluation portal of GIDA.

    2) The pictures, videos and instruction of entries submitted by the participants will be evaluated by jury.

    The Second Evaluation (in August, 2021)

    1) On-site evaluation in Xiongan, China.

    2) The real objects or models of entries will be delivered to the evaluation site in China.

    The Final Evaluation (in September, 2021)

    1) Entries into the Final will have a chance to win the awards of Best of the Best (1), Gold Awards (5), Future Star Awards (2), Good Design Awards (35).

    2) Every participant will be required to take a project defense.


    • 01

      Call for Entries

      March 1, 2021 (Mon)-June 30, 2021 (Wed)
    • 02

      Preliminary Evaluation

      July 5, 2021 (Mon)-July 11, 2021 (Sun)
    • 03

      Results Announcement

      July 14, 2021 (Wed)
    • 04

      Entries Delivery for Second Evaluation

      July 14, 2021 (Wed)-August 15, 2021 (Sun)
    • 05

      Second Evaluation

      August 20, 2021 (Fri)-August 22, 2021 (Sun)
    • 06

      Announcement of the Second Evaluation Results

      August 25, 2021 (Wed)
    • 07

      Good Designs Exhibition

      August 23, 2021 (Mon)-September 6, 2021 (Mon)
    • 08

      Third Evaluation

      September 8th, 2021 (Wed)-September 9th, 2021 (Thurs)
    • 09

      Award Ceremony

      September 10, 2021 (Friday)
    • 010

      Winner’s Exhibition

      September 9, 2021 (Thurs)-September 12, 2021 (Sun)
    • 011

      Exhibition Tour

      October-December 2021

    Please see the latest notice in case of time changes.

    Terms & Conditions

    1. Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

    a. Entrants must be the designer or owner of the entry (the owner of the relevant intellectual property rights, and there is no entry-related intellectual property disputes with others (no intellectual property disputes have occurred so far or have been properly handled). For entries that are applying for (documented) relevant intellectual property certificates but have not yet obtained official ones, entrants need to submit relevant proof in registration. For entries that have not obtained relevant intellectual property certificates after winning the prize, Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer") and the Goldreed Industrial Design Award Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Organizing Committee") have the right to require a written guarantee from entrants. For entries that have or may have intellectual property disputes, the Organizing Committee has the right to invalidate the registration.

    b. Please download the Intellectual Property Statement of Goldreed Industrial Design Award Entries from the GIDA official website during registration, then scan the Statement which is properly signed and sealed, and upload it to the registration system.

    c. If any economic or reputational losses are caused by defective entries, the Organizer and the Organizing Committee have the right to claim compensation from entrants. The compensation includes, but is not limited to, direct or indirect economic loss, reputation loss, litigation/arbitration fees, attorney fees, preservation fees, appraisal fees, etc.

    d. In principle, the intellectual property rights of entries should be fully owned by entrants. If an entrant only enjoys part of the intellectual property rights of the entry, they should submit the consent form of all other intellectual property rights holders of the entry that allows it to compete for this award (i.e. Goldreed Industrial Design Award Entries Intellectual Property Statement).

    2. Publicity and Confidentiality

    GIDA Organizer or the Organizing Committee has the right to use submitted entry information for award promotional campaigns on its own or entrust a third party, including but not limited to shooting, exhibitions, news reports, sorting and publishing, etc. All entries shall be deemed to be non-confidential, except entrants submitting a written application within five working days after registration. the Organizing Committee will not bear any losses caused by displaying entries in public.

    3. Registration Information

    Please fill in registration information accurately and truthfully, which cannot be modified once submitted. 

    The Organizing Committee has the right to refuse any request of modification if entrants find the registration information is incorrect after submission. In case of false information, the Organizing Committee has the right to invalidate the entry’s registration and the honor, and take back the prize. To make sure a smooth and orderly evaluation, the Organizing Committee and the Evaluation Committee have the right to adjust the entry category according to rules of the competition and realities of the entry.

    4. Registration Qualification

    Only right holders of entry intellectual property rights are qualified to register, but duplicate registration is not allowed. To avoid duplicate registration, please confirm with relevant parties before registration. If any repeated registration is found, the following dispute over who owns the honor and prize will be resolved by entrants themselves, and the Organizing Committee will bear no legal responsibility. If the two parties who register repeatedly cannot coordinate within the time limit set by the Organizing Committee, the Organizing Committee has the right to invalidate the registration and honor of the entry, and take back the prize. The same entry can only be registered for one category in one group.

    5. Notifications and Feedback

    All important notices such as evaluation results will be released through the official website and the registration system. Entrants are requested to pay close attention to the above information channels. If the entrant misses important information or fails to provide timely feedback as required and thus affects the evaluation, award collection and other procedures, all liabilities shall be borne by the entrant.

    6. Entry Delivery

    a. According to GIDA regulations, shortlisted entrants for the Second Evaluation are required to mail the physical product or prototype(model). Entrants must strictly comply with Entry Delivery Instructions for delivering and any overdue delivery will be deemed as waiving evaluation qualification.

    b. All costs regarding entry transportation, insurance, and customs, shall be borne by entrants. If entries are damaged or lost during transportation, the Organizing Committee will not be held responsible.

    c. During the “Delivery Information” inputting period, entrants should fill in delivery information in the registration system for the Organizing Committee to receive and return entries. The Organizing Committee shall only be responsible for the safety, security of the entry according to the delivery information. For the start and end time of "Inputting Delivery Information", please see details in the 2nd GIDA Delivery Instructions for Shortlisted Entries (announced the same day with the first evaluation results). 

    d. All GIDA evaluations and exhibitions will take place at professional venues and entries will be transported, attended and evaluated in accordance with relevant industry standards. If insurance required, entrants shall purchase it themselves.

    e. The Evaluation Committee will use and operate all entries at the site of the second and the final evaluation. Entrants must install and debug their entries to a usable state. If entrants need to entrust the Organizing Committee to install and debug, detailed installation videos or instructions must be provided. If the installation video or description is not clear enough, the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for the possible adverse consequences caused by those ambiguities and errors.

    7. Return

    a.In principle, the Organizing Committee does not assume the responsibility for the return. If you need the Organizing Committee to return the entry on your behalf, please fill in the return information during the “Delivery Information” inputting period. Overdue requests will not be accepted.

    b.The Organizing Committee only returns entries two times: (1) Only non-awarded entries will be returned after GIDA Good Designs Exhibition. (2) Awarded and the rest non-awarded entries will be returned after the Exhibition Tour. Specific delivery period will be announced on GIDA official website and registration system. To ensure the progress of evaluations and exhibitions, entry returning requests will be rejected during non-return period.

    c. All costs regarding the return of transportation, customs and others shall be borne by entrants themselves. The Organizing Committee will use pay-on- delivery to send the entries back to China. Entrants shall also provide international express delivery payment accounts if their entries are returned overseas. The delivery time is subject to the logistics of the express, and the Organizing Committee is not responsible for the delivery time or the delivery consequence.

    d. If the entrant fails to submit a return request during the “Delivery Information” imputing period, the Organizing Committee will charge a "Deferred Management Fee". The specific fee standard refers to the entry delivery instructions of the year. The Organizing Committee will arrange the return after receiving the payment, and the return time will be designated by the Organizing Committee, no urgent dispatch accepted.

    e. Entrants will be deemed as waiving the ownership of the entry without completing the return information in the registration system in due course, nor contacting the Organization Committee to provide full return information by August 31, 2021. Then the Organization Committee enjoys all rights to deal with the physical entry.

    f. The Organizing Committee will decide whether to choose the insured service when returning entries based on the return information filled in by entrants. When the entrant receives the entry, any damage or loss of the entry and the compensation liability caused by that shall be negotiated between the entrant and the logistic company, and the Organizing Committee shall bear no responsibility.

    8. Donation and Collection

    a. The Organizing Committee only collects the qualified awarded entries and grant them GIDA Collection Certificate.

    b. The prized entries must be donated to the Organizing Committee. If entries are used for further research and development, too large to be transported, or exceeds the prize money in value, the winner must submit a written application and referential materials. In this case, the donation could be made by a scale model or prototype after being confirmed by the Organizing Committee.

    9. Final Evaluation and Award Ceremony

    All prized-winner entrants should assign people to participate in the Final Evaluation or they would be deemed as waiving the award and prize. Winners will be invited to Award Ceremony and all travel expenses shall be borne by entrants themselves.

    10. Certificates, Trophies and Bonuses

    a. GIDA provides electronic certificates for awarded entries. All certificates will be automatically generated in the registration system after Final Evaluation, which shall be downloaded by entrants. 

    b. One trophy for each winner will be awarded at the GIDA Award Ceremony. Entrants who are unable to attend the ceremony will be deemed as waiving the trophy.

    c. The Organizing Committee will award prizes to the winning entries based on the evaluation results. The prizes will be transferred to individual accounts or corporate accounts designated by the winners, in accordance with the relevant fiscal and taxation regulations and procedures of the People’s Republic of China. 

    Additionally, if the prize recipient and the submitting party are different, a written authorization signed and sealed by both parties must be provided.

    11. Entrants should guarantee that they have read and agreed above entry terms and conditions in detail before submitting their entries. If the entrant cannot accept any of the above terms, please do not participate in this award competition. Once the entrant submits the entry, it means that he or she irrevocably agrees to all the above terms and conditions. The Organizing Committee reserves the right of final interpretation of the terms and conditions.

    Exception Clause

    (1) If entrants are incorrectly publicized in events such as publicity, printing, and exhibition due to incorrect information submitted by themselves, the GIDA Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizing Committee”) shall bear no responsibility.

    (2) The organizer of the Organizing Committee does not assume all responsibilities for rights disputes between entrants, winners or other third parties due to participation in GIDA.

    (3) The Organizing Committee shall not be responsible for non-human deliberate damage or personal damage to natural persons caused by potential hazards such as fragility, scratches, paint stripping, and complex structure of the entry itself.

    (4) The packaging of all entries are not within the safe custody of the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee is not responsible for the damage or loss of the packaging.

    (5) The Organizing Committee does not assume any responsibility for safekeeping if the entrant fails to input the "delivery information" timely or accurately. The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any loss or damage in the process of delivering and returning entries.

    (6) If the certificate is not generated due to the entrant’s failure to input the “award information” in the system in time, or if the certificate information is incorrect due to the entrant’s submission of wrong information, the Organizing Committee is not responsible for re-generation, and neither takes any responsibility.

    (7) The Organizing Committee shall carry out evaluation, exhibition, movement and storage in accordance with Term 4 of Article (6) in the above terms and conditions. The Organizing Committee shall not be responsible for any lost or damaged entries.

    (8) According to Term 5 of Article (6) in the above terms and conditions, the Organizing Committee will not be responsible for any damage caused by helping entrants to install, disassemble and debug their entries.

    (9) The Organizing Committee shall not be liable for compensation if the entry is lost or damaged due to force majeure such as natural disasters, wars or national policies.

    (10) Entrants must guarantee that they have read and agreed this exemption clause in detail before submitting their entries. If the entrant cannot accept any of the above terms, please do not participate in this award competition. Once the entrant submits the entry, it means that he or she irrevocably agrees to all the above terms and conditions.


    Goldreed Industrial Design Award Committee

    Email: service@xidi.org.cn
    Phone / Fax: + 86-312-5675515



    Official Website: http://www.goldreedaward.org/en

    Address: No. 29, Lane 3, Yongkang Road, Nanguancun West Street, Rongcheng County, 

    Xiongan New District, Hebei Province, China.



    Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute


    Goldreed Industrial Design Award Committee

    Support units: 

    People's Government of Hebei Province

    Xiongan New Area Management Committee


    Click the flag blow to download the GIDA Guidebook in your own language.?

    Trophy and Certificate

    Winners will receive a trophy and an electronic award certificate. Entries in this year's Good Designs Exhibition of will receive an "Exhibition Certificate", and award-winning entries presented to the Organizing Committee will receive a "Collection Certificate".

    Logo Grant

    Award-winning entries will be granted a lifetime right to use the "GIDA" logo for free.

    Entry Productization and Commercialization

    Outstanding entrants will be invited to participate in a series of industrial transformation activities of the year.